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Sh21 billion Thika 3A Dam project implementation to boost regions’ water reserves

Sh21 billion Thika 3A Dam project implementation to boost regions’ water reserves


Thursday, March 14, 2024

KNA by Florence Kinyua

The construction of the Sh21 billion Thika 3A dam is set to boost the region’s water reserves by addressing the challenges of water scarcity and inadequate sanitation in Thika and Githunguri townships in Kiambu County.

The Thika and Githunguri Water and Sanitation project is being implemented by the Athi Water Works Development Agency (AWWDA) with support from the National Government and the DANIDA Sustainable Infrastructure Finance (DSIF).

Speaking at a Thika Hotel on Wednesday during a stakeholder’s consultative forum to discuss the project, AWWDA Acting CEO Eng. Joseph Kamau observed that the dam, to be constructed at the Gatanga and Kandara boundaries in Murang’a County, was ready for implementation and would be ready for commissioning and operation by July 2027.

“Environmental and social impact assessment of the project began in 2018 and now we expect the contractor to commence the works by February 2025 as we are at the financing closure stage,” he said adding that the implementation period for the project would be 30 months until July 2027.

“This project will add 70,000cubic metres of water per day to Thika thus meeting the water demand requirement for Thika urban area up to the year 2027 and we anticipate that by the ultimate end, we shall meet the projected population of about 1.2 m people,” stated Eng. Kamau.

Currently, the project population area stands at 406,158 and is expected to increase to 1.2 by 2047 whereas the current water demand is 55,895m3/day and is projected to increase to 203.57m3/day by 2047.

The current water produced is 36,000m3/day which results in a deficit of 19.896m3/day in 2023 and 167.579m3/day by 2047

The current situation’s efficient delivery is crippled by challenges like high production energy costs, high operational and maintenance costs, and high Non-revenue water of 38%.

Thika Water and Sanitation Company’s (THIWASCO) current capacity meets approximately 64% of the 2023 demand and 18% of the 2047 demand.

“In the short term, approximately 500 people in Thika urban area and Gatanga will benefit from this project,” he added.

Moreover, the project implementation will improve the health and safety status, especially for the women and youth, increase productive time for the household, and create employment and income-generating opportunities during and after post project implementation phases.

On her part, Thika town Member of Parliament Alice Ng’ang’a noted that the Thika and Githunguri water and sanitation project would increase the water supply and sanitation in the area leading to a transformative impact.

“We will be able to combat waterborne diseases and foster health communities even as we stimulate economic growth through the job creation and training opportunities that the implementation of the project will create,” she noted.

“We will also improve the economic environment that will serve as an attraction of investors,” she added.

Ng’ang’a urged the project implementers to consider a Corporate Social Responsibility programme for the people near the Thika River and the surrounding areas where the mega project would be implemented.

The consultative meeting drew representation from DANIDA Sustainable Infrastructure Finance Task Team Leader, Eng Annelise Boysen, Kiambu County Commissioner, Dancun Darusi, Ithanga MCA Alex Makau, representatives from Water Resources Authority from the county governments of Kiambu and Murang’a among others.

Courtesy; KNA

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