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The new face of media in the digital Era

The new face of media in the digital Era

Sunday, 17 March, 2024

McCreadie Andias

The world is shrinking into a small digital village and the digital Era is predominantly picking momentum in the media industry.

A significant demand for convenient, fast and reliable media content by consumers is forcing an adoption of the digital touch, I can comfortably allude that dissemination of news and media content is digitized but how is this transformation taking shape? The question of profitability in the media market carries the bigger weight, how far can we improve our audience margin? How can we increase the consumers of our content and how can we attract more viewers? These are the kind of questions knocking on the heads of every media industry.

It is therefore inevitable to adopt the most convenient and sophisticated technology in the media industry so as to supply the consumers with the utmost quality content.

Media Companies are deploying the use of ultra-sophisticated cameras to capture quality pictures in their newspaper or magazine headlines, some companies Like Sky sports often buy pictures from companies like Getty images.

On another view, The digitization of media has been far driven by changing consumer behavior and expectations especially among younger generations who demand instant access to content anytime, anywhere. Intrigues on Celebrity gossip, Fashion, Sports, Politics and even technology are developing simultaneously so their demand for quicker reach is even higher as no one wants to be left behind.

People are shifting to the fastest media sites in terms of dissemination of news and information. The interaction between the audience and the reporters has been immensely digitized especially during this covid-19 Era. Journalists cannot be able to freely interview their guests exclusively on TV shows and talks because of social distancing issues and this has shifted to the use of zoom , meet , teams talks and Skype.

Meetings and conferences can now happen virtually and as convenient as face-to-face like before.Other Media industries have deployed the use of social outreach apps which entail use of videos to answer questions without being physically present.

This is a far much better alternative to the use of common social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and other Social media platforms like titkok which are barely five years old are even giving more options to see and engage with stimulus digitally by being part of , imitating , mimicking , audio balancing and employing certain video effects that by far engages the online audiences much more than traditional methods of communications .

The evolved 5G network has seen a tremendous improvement in data delivery at nearly 10 gigabytes per second. This ensures super fast wireless technology in phone speed to mainstream virtual proceedings and streaming video online. This technology has been admitted into the media spaces for fast and efficient news delivery. Smartphone users in need of quick information on what’s going around the world can now get informed in flashing speed with few problems in data hick-ups.

Reinstatement of Anti-ad blocking software by some media sites is applied to save the billions lost in revenue annually. Some sites are adopting user-friendly ads that do not disrupt the consumers’ experience online in a move to ensure a Fair Play in both the content consumer and content creator. Here the consumer gets to enjoy the online experience in any social media site or news website where the content creators earn unlimited extra profit with the streaming ads and even their very monetised videos.

In a move to ease operation, companies like The Washington post have deployed the use of bandito a “robotic journalism” technology that provides real-time testing in searching for trending content and provides solutions to improve on content that isn’t working well in the market.This form of automated journalism helps journalists to interpret, analyze and source informational data.

The technology is as well used to identify trending news and scrap it out in the quickest way to their consumers. Consequently the use of drones by media houses to replace more cumbersome machines like helicopters has been reliable to catch footage in the most remote areas and also significant for the safety of journalists in war prone areas and places ravaged by land calamities like floods and famine. The drones have been approved to be used for journalism work and this has seen a huge benefit for media houses.

Far more than surprising,wearable journalism is the new simple way to access news in updates without losing the essence of the story. Apple has introduced the Apple watch which delivers quick developing news updates as easy as checking the time.

The latest news are delivered just as close as from the handwatch on your wrist trimmed-down in segments before you get time to get In touch with the full story. This sounds more than walking with the whole package of the latest developments right in your hands.Nevertheless, we have seen the role of mass communication being adversely overtaken by developments in the digital world.

Nowadays people can interact and communicate without having to spend more time, energy or even money to travel and meet. Socializing has been made simpler with whatsapp groups, People can send important documents or information via email. People can send pictures or songs through whatsapp.

Companies no longer need a long trail of sales and marketing agents to trek all over the streets and market their products. Online marketing is picking up momentum and more space for online jobs. Huge billboards and posters with impressive graphics are enough to market a company’s product over a huge mass of consumers. This is cheap and sustainable.

Messages of awareness can as well be done in posters or even advertised in televisions without needing to call for a huge community meeting to create awareness. Far better, the world has seen enormous self-employment in the media sector in relation to mass communication thanks to the growing digital Era.

More people are engaging in content creation like creating YouTube channels and podcasts that are paying handsomely depending on the number of subscribers and viewers a channel garners.

Most of these podcasts and YouTube channels are based on comedy, devotional and inspiration sessions, educative sessions, creating awareness, fun talks, political discussions and more on societal intrigues. This is a true revelation on the power of the digital Era in the media economy.

E-magazines and newspapers are being sold online by various media companies like the standard group and the business daily.

They are discovering that people are more flexible to read content online rather than big long newspapers and magazines. Walking with a newspaper nowadays is kind of retrogressive and the campaign to save the environment from waste pollution is part of this considering the poor disposal of newspapers.

It is also cheaper to buy a newspaper online than the hardcopy. Scrolling seems easier for everyone, so do I.

So far, It is clear to conclude that The fast growing technology is openly leading to a new face in the media industry and this is evident prior to the adoption of new and sophisticated advanced technological developments taking shape in the media spaces.

Far more technologies are yet to be discovered and pre-existing developments need to be embraced to keep the media industry energetic and profitable .

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