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Winfred Mokaya Boyani sworn in as new Judicial’s Chief Registrar

Winfred Mokaya Boyani sworn in as new Judicial’s Chief Registrar


Monday, 25 March, 2024

McCreadie Andias

Winfred Mokaya Boyani has officially been sworn in as the new Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, replacing Anne Amadi with Paul Maina taking office as Deputy Chief Registrar in a ceremony presided over by Chief Justice Martha Koome on Monday morning.

Boyani who was appointed by the Judicial Service commission after months of recruitment exercises, will now serve as the 3rd Chief Registrar of the Judiciary of Kenya at the Supreme Court.

The Chief Registrar of the Judiciary is expected to play a critical role in ensuring that the administrative and operational dynamics of the institution move seamlessly to provide an enabling and supportive environment that guarantees high standards of service delivery to Kenyans.

“The essence of success in Hon. Mokaya’s newly assumed role lies in preserving the exemplary practices of the past while striving for continuous improvements in our administrative processes and responsiveness to the citizens we serve.” Chief Justice Martha Koome said.

” I urge the new Chief Registrar of the Judiciary to be a champion of institutional innovation and revitalisation, steering the Judiciary towards remaining fit for purpose and effective in a changing environment.”Koome added.

Koome vowed to support Hon. Mokaya collaborate with her in pursuit of shared vision as outlined in the Judicial’s institutional blueprint ‘Social Transformation through Access to Justice’ (STAJ).

Meanwhile, Mokaya noted her willingness to support the Judiciary in implementing its mandate.

“I am eager to support the Chief Justice, Judges, Judicial Officers and Staff who all have a role to play in the implementation of the Blueprint and the realization of the goals therein, for the ultimate benefit of our country” CRJ Winfridah Mokaya Boyani said.

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