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Women teachers’ association denies rivalry with trade unions

Women teachers’ association denies rivalry with trade unions


Friday, March 29, 2024

KNA by Philip Onyango

The Kenya Women Teachers Association, (KEWOTA) has denied claims that it was a rival to the existing trade unions representing teachers country wide.

The national chairlady of KEWOTA, Modesta Lubulela Akaki said that contrary to the claims, her association was purely a welfare association that takes care of serving and retired teachers and does not indulge in labour disputes.

She was speaking at Bur Lowo village in Migwena, Bondo sub county Thursday when she led a team of top KEWOTA officials to launch a water tank installation programme for its members.

Akaki said that the earlier fear that the trade unions had that the association will intrude into the roles had been sorted and both KEWOTA, Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and Kenya Union of Post Primary Education teachers (KUPPET) enjoy cordial relationship.

“We have no fight with KNUT and KUPPET” she said adding that labour relations matters are purely handled by the two bodies.

Akaki said that her organisation was committed to the welfare of its members and had partnered with Kentank limited and Family bank to accord both serving and retired teachers opportunity to acquire water tanks at affordable rates.

KEWOTA retirees representative, Truphena Ombwayo called on teachers to join the association, to enable them enjoy dignified lives once they leave service.

She said that the association has, among other services, a program where its retired members enjoy comprehensive health insurance cover.

A beneficiary of the water tank programme, Susan Kunikina hailed the programme, saying that it will enable her soap and bleach making business prosper.

“I make soap and jik which require clean, clear and non salty water which is not available here,” she said adding that the provision of a water tank will enable her harvest rain water and save her the stress of walking long distance to get the same.

Courtesy ; KNA

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