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76 people saved in SDA church operation okoa mlevi mission in Nandi Hills

76 people saved in SDA church operation okoa mlevi mission in Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills

Sunday March 24, 2024

KNA by Ruth Mainye

Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church has managed to rehabilitate 76 alcohol addicts out of which 13 were baptized in a one week operation Okoa Mlevi crusade organized in Nandi Hills town.

The program dubbed ‘Operation Okoa Mlevi’ spearheaded by pastor Salome Jebitok is one of the ministries that was formed in the SDA church with an aim of sensitizing drunkards, ensuring they quit drinking alcohol and other addictive drugs as well as giving them hope through preaching.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony of the reformed addicts the SDA West Rift Valley field president Pastor Eliazer Kogei regretted that a number of young people have been swallowed into the alcoholism world with greater population comprising of the males.

Pastor Kogei noted that helping addicts to recover from alcoholism and get back to living a healthy and fulfilling life is not an easy task adding that it requires expertise and understanding on how to approach them as well as win their confidence.

“Doing away with alcoholism is an investment in your future. It will not only make a huge difference in your life but also the lives of those around you such as family, friends and neighbours. The road ahead is not smooth but I want you to be strong to avoid backsliding,” advised pastor Kogei.

Nandi Hills constituency Member of Parliament Bernard Kitur who witnessed the celebration lauded SDA community for that initiative terming it a compliment to the government which recently declared war against illicit brews in the Country.

Kitur affirmed that the constituency leadership is committed to combating alcoholism and drug abuse in full support of the SDA mission adding that concerted efforts between religious bodies and the political leadership will free communities out of the bondage of alcoholism and drug abuse that has claimed a lot of lives.

“The greatest sermon that I have witnessed today is the real testimonies of reformed drunkards. This is a new dawn in Nandi Hills. My Constituency leadership is in support of the operation okoa mlevi mission. I am excited that the SDA church has joined hands to deal with alcoholism,” pointed Kitur adding that he will be there to offer any support to ensure zero alcoholism in his area.

Pastor Joseph Arusei admitted being a former alcohol addict and called on believers to be leading example to the world adding that the grace of God is free for everyone including drunkards and therefore all people should build in it.

” I was once a drunkard but when I received the grace of God I vowed to serve Him fully. Build and anchor your hope in God,” advised Arusei.

“On her part pastor Salome Jebitok said that Operation Okoa Mlevi has transformed several families who are now taking part in the mission to save fellow drunkards adding that they have also come up with an operation called ‘Mary Magdalene ‘ which is geared towards saving commercial sex workers.

” In addition to Opreration Okoa Mlevi, we have also the Operation Mary Magdalene ministry which is geared towards reaching out to commercial sex workers and transforming them. It is not an easy task but we have expertise of how we do it for instance after talking to the ladies doing prostitution for money we pay them to listen to our message. But the good thing is at the end of it they accept to reform,” explained Pastor Jebitok.Simon Otieno confessed how alcohol had ruined his life including his education as well as family and vowed to never go back to the corridors of alcohol.

“For years I have been wearing a suit as if heading to an office only to spend my entire day in alcohol corridors. I dropped out of my automotive engineer class, electrical engineering class among others because of alcohol. Today henceforth I will be serving the living God. I have seen the hand of God. Pray for us to stand firm in this journey so that we don’t look back,” explained Otieno adding that he will be an ambassador to those still in the corridors of alcohol.

All those who were rehabilitated through different testimonies affirmed that alcoholism makes addicts irresponsible, steal to meet their alcohol bills, lose their partners and even children as well as destroy society.

During the week long crusade the alcohol addicts were taught on drug substance and abuse, family life, marriage, how to set goals and have a vision, problem solving, decision making, program building and planning, self-reliance, leadership, guidance and counselling.

Courtesy; KNA

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