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Affordable Housing Committee Expresses Concern over slow progress in Wajir Township

Affordable Housing Committee Expresses Concern over slow progress in  Wajir Township


Wednesday May 8 2024

KNA by Hamdi Buthul

The Wajir Township Affordable Housing Project at Skanska site has reported only 12 percent completion rate against a targeted 35 percent during the progress report period.

The Affordable Housing Committee in Wajir County has therefore raised concerns over the sluggish pace of development in addressing housing needs within the community.

Despite concerted efforts and allocating the required resources, the committee has expressed disappointment over the lack of tangible progress in providing adequate housing solutions for the residents of Wajir Town.

Wajir County Commissioner Karuku Ngumo, expressed dissatisfaction with the progress during a site visit, stating, “The progress of the work for affordable housing in Wajir is not satisfactory.”

The committee emphasized the urgency of the situation, particularly in light of the growing population and increasing strain on existing housing infrastructure.“

Each day, which goes by without any significant progress is a missed opportunity, aimed at uplifting the living standards of our people and alleviate the burden of housing insecurity,” added Ngumo.

Area residents have echoed the committee’s sentiments, expressing frustration and disappointment over the lack of visible results, despite assurances from authorities.

“We have been waiting for affordable housing solutions for too long. It’s time for action, not just mere promises,” said Ahmed Hassan, a resident of Wajir Town.

Courtesy: KNA

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