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Africa scout leaders congregate in Embu for training

Africa scout leaders congregate in Embu for training


Thursday, April 11, 2024

KNA By Samuel Waititu

Over 130 scout leaders from seven African Countries have congregated in Embu for a capacity building training aimed at propagating involvement of more young people in the scouting movement.

The one-week training organized by World Scout Bureau Africa Support Center has brought together leaders from host nation Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Eswatini formerly Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso and South Africa.

The training is divided into two modules, one for Assistant Leader Trainers and the other for Leader Trainers, according to World Scout Bureau Africa Support Center Senior Manager Mostaff Matesanwa.

Matesanwa who is the course director said the training offers the leaders platform that serves as a cornerstone for nurturing the next generation of scout leaders in their respective countries.

Speaking at Embu Scouts Center on Wednesday where the training is taking place, Matesanwa said the participants are expected to cascade the skills learnt to unit leaders who will intern train young scouts.

“The participants’ role is to support their national scout associations in developing the capacity of unit leaders to strengthen the scouting movement,” he said.

He said the key areas the training is focusing on is leadership, development of training programs, management of adults and implementation of youth programs.

“The curriculum is designed to equip the attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to strengthen the scouting community and ensure its continued growth and success,” he said.

On his part, Kenya Scouts Association Assistant Chief Commissioner Francis Mayakula underscored the importance of scout movement as a tool for molding young people into responsible adults in the society.

“Scouting has proven to be the world’s leading educational movement empowering young people to be active agents of change in their communities,” he said.

He said scouting helps young people develop academic, ethics, leadership and life skills that influence their adult lives and those around them.

The participants are also expected to travel to Nyeri to pay tribute to the founder of the World Scouting Movement Lord Baden-Powell who was buried there.

Courtesy; KNA

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