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Bomet creates jobs for youths in ICT platforms

Bomet creates jobs for youths in ICT platforms


Saturday, April 27, 2024

KNA by Kipngeno Korir

Bomet County has directed its resources towards creating jobs for thousands of youths by providing digital platforms.

Speaking during a youth conference held in Bomet, Governor Prof. Hillary Barchok said the County Government in collaboration with the Information and Communication Authority, has bought 50 acres of land meant for the establishment of a software factory.

Barchok said the factory will provide a platform for many ICT graduates to exercise their coding skills and be innovative by creating award winning programs for national development.

He said the youths comprised an active work force who were as well the prime consumers of digital products saying they should therefore take full advantage of Government opportunities especially the bottom-up economic agenda.

He said the County Government of Bomet was to reward winning digital projects to motivate the best innovators in the ICT world.

“In order for us the prosper as a County, we must fully involve the youths by providing them opportunities to contribute to the socio-development,” he said.

The Governor said his administration has initiated County Technology and Innovation forum, which, in collaboration with the community, will create global digital networks aimed at connecting the youths, local businesses and organizations to enable them share knowledge, resources, and opportunities in technology and innovation.

“The forum will conduct workshops on technology and entrepreneurship that will encourage the youths to start online businesses and participate in e-commerce,” he said. “Our first forum will be held in May as I commit to the youth, whom I term as the pillars and hope of our County. I urge all our partners to work towards supporting them to realize their full potential.”

The Governor dissuaded the youths from yielding into the vulnerabilities prone to them including low self-esteem, insecurity, unmet high societal expectations and lack of stable source of income.

He said, ” You have endless possibilities through your creativity, curiosity and energy.”

“My administration believes that you all have the skills, personality and the experience that deserves to be discovered not only for self-reliance, but also for radical socio-economic transformation of the nation,” said the governor.

Courtesy; KNA

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