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Digitally underserved Kiambu residents to get high speed internet

Digitally underserved Kiambu residents to get high speed internet


Friday April 26, 2024

KNA by Wangari Ndirnagu

A new company that will deliver high-speed internet connectivity to thousands of digitally underserved residents in nearby towns and informal settlements of Kiambu has been created.

Created by Rendeavour, owner and developer of Tatu City, Fahari Link will provide low connection fees, daily internet plans, reliable internet connectivity and technical support to citizens of Kiambu County, including those earning subsistence wages.

In addition to connecting homes, Fahari Link will deploy Wi-Fi internet connections in public spaces such as shopping centres and sports fields, ensuring that digital access is available to all, including mobile users.

Alex Kahu, Deputy Country Head, Kenya, Rendeavour said that by expanding affordable internet and broadband services to the neighboring community, Tatu City is ensuring that no one is left behind in Africa’s digital future.

“With Fahari Link, we are not just connecting people; we are connecting aspirations, opportunities, and futures,” he said.

Gina M. Raimondo, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, at the American Chamber of Commerce Business Summit presided over the transformative initiative.

Raimondo noted that two years ago in December 2022, President Biden launched the Digital Transformation with Africa (DTA) initiative, committing over USD 350 million to expand digital access and literacy across the African continent.

“Through the DTA, we are working to deliver technical assistance and investment that support private sector-led projects to expand digital access, increase digital literacy, and strengthen digitally enabling environments across Africa,” said Secretary Raimondo.With Africa’s projected population of 1.7 billion by 2030, doubling internet connectivity to 1 billion users is a key goal,” he said noting that digital access is especially important for women and girls who rely on the internet to acquire new skills, address health disparities, and improve the overall quality of life for themselves and their families.

John Njogu, MCA Gitothua Ward, Kiambu County said the development will make a huge difference to individuals and businesses, giving them the tools they need to develop, grow, and prosper in an increasingly digital world.

“This is great news for the people in the surrounding communities around Tatu City, including informal communities of BTL and Gitothua areas.

Tatu Telecom, Tatu City’s telecommunications company, has already laid over 40 km of fibre optic cables and currently serves over 1,000 residential and commercial customers, including schools and local, regional, and multinational companies within Tatu City.

Tatu Telecom has also built an open-access network, allowing multiple internet service providers to serve Tatu City residents and businesses.

Fahari Link has invested heavily in acquiring wholesale bandwidth from global internet service providers to extend its reach to areas beyond Tatu City, including the informal communities of BTL, OJ and Rutoro.

Ruiru town will also be served, as well as the communities of Oaklands, Murera, Kamakis and other parts of Kiambu County.

In total, Fahari’s services will be available to close to one million people.

Courtesy; KNA

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