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Bomet to Enhance Support for Korara Integrated Special School

Bomet to Enhance Support for Korara Integrated Special School

Bomet County,

Friday 05 April 2024,

KNA by Lamech Willy A

Bomet County Government through the department of Gender, Culture, and Social Services will continue to strengthen its partnership with Korara Integrated Special School to ensure the provision of essential support for the institution’s smooth operation.

Renowned for its dedication to fostering an inclusive learning environment, the school plays a pivotal role in catering for learners with diverse disabilities from both Bomet County and neighbouring regions.

Recognising the importance of holistic support, the department has actively engaged with Korara Integrated Special School in various capacities.

Chief Officer (CO) for Gender, Culture, and Social Services Pauline Korir, reiterated the county’s commitment to the institution’s welfare.

“We are closely working with the management of Korara Integrated Special School to provide all necessary support for the optimal functioning of the institution,” stated Mrs Korir.

Among the initiatives undertaken by the department is the provision of counseling services and assistive devices such as white canes for the visually impaired.

Additionally, the department collaborates with the school in commemorating international days dedicated to raising awareness for persons with disabilities, further fostering a culture of inclusivity and understanding.

In tandem with these efforts, the Department of Education has extended its support to Korara Integrated Special School through the implementation of the school feeding programme, ensuring that learners receive the nourishment needed to thrive academically and physically, she added.

Assessing the ongoing initiatives and the school’s needs, Mrs Korir, accompanied by her Education and Vocational Training counterpart John Keter, recently welcomed a visiting delegation from Camp Possibilities International, a US-based organisation.

The delegation presented a range of donations, including reading materials and clothing, to support the students’ educational journey.

Furthermore, the organisation pledged to finance the construction of a modern washroom facility, enhancing the school’s infrastructure and ensuring the dignity and comfort of its learners.Dr Keter emphasised the importance of such collaborations in advancing the educational opportunities for learners with disabilities.

“We are grateful for the support from Camp Possibilities International and commend their dedication to enhancing the learning environment at Korara Integrated Special School,” remarked Dr Keter.

Courtesy; KNA

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