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Busia Mum with Sickle Cell Calls on Well-wishers to Help kids get specialized treatment

Busia Mum with Sickle Cell Calls on Well-wishers to Help kids get specialized treatment


Tuesday, April 23, 2024

KNA by Absalom Namwalo

A family in Katelenyang village in Teso North Subcounty in Busia is appealing to Kenyans to help their three children suffering from sickle cell anaemia get specialized treatment to enable them continue with their studies.

Emily Chebet, a devoted mother of three children diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia, has issued a heartfelt plea to well-wishers to assist her buy drugs and get blood transfusion urgently to save the lives of her kids.

“When God blessed me with my first-born son 11 years ago, I had a lot of hope in him. As a family we knew he would be a normal child, this has never been the case since after six months, he was diagnosed with sickle cell,” she narrated.

Chebet, a mama mboga at Angurai market has seen her business collapse after channeling all capital, sold family land and other resources towards her children’s medication which turned out to be a drop in the ocean.

“All my three children take two tablets each a day with a single tablet costing Sh200. On a single day I need Sh1200 which is beyond my means,” Chebet added.

According to the family, regular blood transfusion and monthly admissions in various hospitals in both Kenya and Uganda has completely drained all resources in the family, pushing the family to live hand-to- mouth and face rejection as a result of begging from neighbours.

With the ongoing doctors strike, the three haven’t had any drugs or medication for a month now, leaving them at the mercy of God.

Her sentiments were echoed by neighbors led by Denis Parapara Karani who have also given in their best to support the family with the only hope being an appeal to all Kenyans to support the family foot medical bills and drugs.

“Based on the family’s status, I want to ask all Kenyans to set aside even a shilling and support the medical bill of these three children,” Parapara said.

The family can be reached through the KNA office in Teso North at Amagoro or through area chief.

Courtesy; KNA

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