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County gives striking doctors sack notice

County gives striking doctors sack notice

Trans Nzoia,

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

KNA by Isaiah Nayika

The County Government of Trans Nzoia has issued an ultimatum to doctors on strike to resume duty or else face the sack.

Speaking in Sabaot Constituency on Monday, Governor George Natembeya warned that his government will no longer tolerate the striking doctors, and gave them a two-week notice to rethink their stand and resume duty or face the music.

He explained that failure to act, will attract harsh sanctions hinting at sacking all those who would continue with the strike come the end of April.

“As a county government we have fulfilled everything which our doctors wanted us to. It’s only the national government which has not fulfilled its part. I urge them to look for better avenues to engage the national government other than making our people suffer. The doctors just need to resume duty, those who would have not done it by the end of the month will be deleted from the payroll,” he stressed.

The warning comes as Trans Nzoia County Peace Ambassador Reuben Oroni urged the government and the striking doctors to find a middle ground that will help resolve the impasse.

Oroni bemoaned the suffering Kenyans are going through while struggling to seek for medical care, saying time for all the parties involved to recant hard stands is long overdue.

“There’s need for an open dialogue between the parties involved as people are suffering. Many lives have been lost and we can’t stand to see this go on further,” he reiterated.

Courtesy; KNA

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