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Call to Utilize waters from the Ongoing Rains

Call to Utilize waters from the Ongoing Rains


Sunday, April 28, 2024,

KNA by Kamanja Maeria

There is need to harvest water from the ongoing rains for use during dry spells.

Eng. Jeff Kilonzo from the department of water, Igembe South sub county has said, “Instead of complaining of heavy rains we can make the best out of it by harvesting water.’’ Speaking to KNA, Kilonzo said Mother Nature has a way of balancing the environment, adding that with the onset of the rains, the water aquifers are already filled up, therefore replenishing the already dug boreholes and ones to be dug in future.

He added that in order to ensure water security, especially in areas which are often hit by scarcity of the same during the dry seasons, harvesting rain water is very essential in ensuring sustainability of the resource.

“With the ongoing rains, I call upon Kenyans to seize the opportunity by utilizing the available water harvesting techniques to alleviate water scarcity going forward,’’ reiterated Kilonzo.

The water official noted that harvesting of rain water does not only address the issue of shortage, but also reduces incidences of flooding and soil erosion.

He specifically urged residents of Igembe central and Igembe north, who for a long period of time have been grappling with limited access to clean and reliable water to take advantage of the current season and mitigate these challenges.

“Our people have been facing water shortage especially during the dry spells, this is the right time to take proactive measure by utilizing the ongoing rains,’’ Kilonzo emphasized.

He advised residents to utilize roofs to collect rainwater by installing gutters, which channel the water into storage tanks and other water reservoirs.

Kilonzo added that farmers can as well make contours and trenches especially those in hilly areas to reduce soil erosion and also recharge groundwater aquifers, even as the heavy downpour is being experienced.

Courtesy; KNA

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