• April 19, 2024
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County government partners with REREC for electricity connection to 660 households

By Peter Ochieng

The County government of Busia has partnered with Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy (REREC), to connect electricity to about 660 rural house holds in the border devolved unit.

Under the program, beneficiaries of the electrification will be sensitised on renewable energy, with the objective being helping them to understand how to maximise electric energy, inorder to empower themselves socially and economically.

Busia County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Energy Andrew Meso, while addressing residents across the County where the projects are being implemented, said clean energy is a fast-growing sector.

“Clean energy is a fast growing sector that has made electric grids more resilient, expanded energy access and helped lower energy bills and play a big role as far as climate change is concerned,” said Meso.

He urged residents who will not benefit from the current phase to be patient, adding that they will be prioritised in the next phase. Meso indicated that the County government of Busia has already set aside some money for expansion.

On his part, REREC acting General Manager of Information, Education, and Communication, Mrs. Beatrice Njuguna said advocacy is part of their strategic plan, which aims at ensuring that their clients are not just with light but also benefit wholesomely.

“We will be here to educate you on the importance of this energy and clean cooking which will help you save and also sensitise you on the opportunities you can venture into to help you grow economically,” she said.

Under the same breadth, Mrs. Njuguna challenged residents to start thinking of viable economical ventures going into the future.

Further, she called on Members of Parliament (MPs) to support the shilling-for-shilling project, in a bid to accelerate the connectivity of electricity in the county through their constituencies.

The General Manager emphasised that REREC power connection is completely free, and that no one should be asked for any fees.

The project will be implemented in 11 wards across Busia County targeting the electrification of primary schools, markets, water points and dispensaries among others public installations.

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