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CS Kindiki’s promise to family of late Lamu County Commissioner


By Peter Ochieng

Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Interior and National Administration Kithure Kindiki on Monday visited the family of Louis Rono, at Buttik, Bureti Constituency in Kericho County.

Louis Rono was until his death on Friday last week, the County Commissioner of Lamu. He died after battling an illness.

Addressing members of his family and other mourners, Kindiki pledged to ensure the family of the departed internal security officer is well catered for.

“As the family we will stand with the family, children, the wife, brothers and neighbors of our brother the late Rono as a sign of friendship we have had with him and as a sign of respect to our brother who put his life on the line in order for others to be secure,” said the CS.

“The same way our brother worked tirelessly and patriotically to make sure the people of Lamu can sleep peacefully, we will also stand with his family, we will stand with his people and make sure that they are not exposed because their leader and their elder has rested.”

He said that the government will foot all bills attached to burial arrangements.

Rono leaves behind a widow and four children – two boys and two girls. Kindiki assured that President William Ruto’s government will take care of their education, going forward.

“Our brother Rono was a nice person. He lived with his family and his brothers well,” added Kindiki.

One of Rono’s brothers is a police officer based in Kitui. The CS said that his family has requested that the brother be transferred to Nairobi, and given a chance to serve as officers at the Central Bank of Kenya in Nairobi.

Kindiki said all wishes of the family will be granted soon after the slain County Commissioner is laid to rest.

“In honour of the late Louis Rono, the Government will improve the learning facilities and construct a dining hall and library for Buttik Primary and Secondary Schools, as well supporting community projects that Louis Rono invested his time and resources in,” he added.  

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