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Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) Selects Speaker Muturi as 2022 Presidential Candidate

Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) Selects Speaker Muturi  as 2022 Presidential Candidate

The Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 picked National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi as the party’s flagbearer ahead of the Agust 2022 general polls.

The DP party’s delegates from 11 of the Mount Kenya Counties invited the Speaker to be their presidential candidate.

“We have deliberated seriously about what should happen and we are glad to inform you that we as delegates from Mt Kenya region have conducted serious vetting as to who should lead Mt Kenya and Kenya as a whole.

“We have discussed and resolved as the Democratic Party of Kenya to support none other than Justin Njoka Muturi as DP’s presidential candidate,” the leaders stated.

DP Leaders hold a meeting on September 22, 2021. |Courtesy| Facebook|

Describing him as a man of integrity, the Mt. Kenya region delegates stated that they believe Muturi has what it takes to lead the region and Kenya as a whole into prosperity.

“We believe that he is going all through to the ballot box. He is a man you can trust,” the leaders stated.

They called upon members of the DP Party to support Speaker Muturi’s presidential bid, noting that members had decided that he is best suited to lead the country.

According to DP’s national youth delegates leader, Florence Mukami, members of the public from 10 of the Mt Kenya Counties were in agreement to settle on Muturi as the next Kenyan head of state.

She welcomed youths from across the country to support the National Assembly Speaker’s presidential ambitions.

The DP leaders maintained that they believe in democracy as a party and welcomed collaborations with other parties from across the country.

The announcement comes after Muturi launched an online platform on Twitter in which he will engage Kenyans on matters policy and governance every Wednesday.

The Speaker, who has announced order, integrity and prosperity has his driving forces towards changing the country for the better, said he will not be bullied into joining any party but will instead come up with his own political party.

He warned Mt Kenya MPs to avoid joining parties they don’t have a hand in founding as this will leave them helpless during negotiations for party benefits.

“Some Members of Parliament have been calling on me to join certain parties which I don’t know the bases and I will not do that. I will not join parties which when it comes to responsibilities allocation they consider their inner circles only,” he said.

He said he has experience in Kenyan politics and can only advise them instead.

Muturi was in April endorsed by elders from the Mt Kenya region and appointed as the regions spokesperson in a special ceremony in a shrine at Mukurwe wa Gathaga.

In a separate past interview with Citizen tv’s Waihiga Mwaura, Muturi said that his wide experience in the position of the speaker has helped him create a rapport with many people making him ready to join the executives.


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