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Donkey owners collaborate to dig and fence a water pan

Donkey owners collaborate to dig and fence a water pan


Thursday, April 4, 2024,

KNA by Ann Salaton

Donkey farmers in Narok North Sub County have partnered with Farming System Kenya to create a water pan to reduce the distance animals travel for water.

The farmers led by the Association of Donkey Owners of Kenya (ADOK), Narok Branch Chairperson Margaret Mpatiany said the collaboration between the members of the community and farming system Kenya has borne fruit as the residents have got a water pan closer to their homesteads.

She recalled how they would trek for tens of kilometers to look for the precious commodity during dry spells, where they wasted a lot of their productive hours. “The community donated the land, posts and helped in fencing the water pan while Farming System Kenya gave the wire mesh, barbed wire and nails. This collaboration has made our work very easy,” she said.

The move is expected to enhance the living standards of residents who rely on donkeys for their survival. Mzee Francis Kool, a Village elder, praised the project for its potential to address numerous issues faced by residents during prolonged dry spells.

“No only the donkeys will benefit from this program but also other livestock that trek for long distances in search of water and grass during dry seasons. We are grateful for such a good idea,” he said.

Mzee Kool encouraged the residents to plant vegetables besides the water pan that they can enjoy during dry seasons, when the supply of vegetables is very low. Thus, “I am told that the water pan can run for eight consecutive months during dry seasons. This is a big relief for the residents who depended on the Nkaretta River that is five kilometers away,” he said.

The residents planted 100 tree seedlings around the water pan, which they promised to nurture until maturity. Hence, Farming System Kenya has been supporting donkey farmers in the County where they teach them sustainable farming methods, environmental conservation issues among others.

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