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Elders urge Raila to focus on AU position

Elders urge Raila to focus on AU position

Homa Bay

Friday 15 March 2024

KNA by Davis Langat

Suba Elders have urged ODM party leader Raila Odinga to focus on African Union (AU) politics and stop engaging in local politics.

The Suba Council of Elders expressed displeasure over Raila’s recent involvement in Suba South politics.

The elder’s reaction follows Odinga’s visit to Suba South Constituency last week where he criticized area legislator Caroli Omondi for working with Kenya Kwanza government without consulting him.

In a press statement read on behalf of the elders by their Co-coordinator Joab Ikawa, the elders told Odinga to focus on his African Union Commission (AUC) chairmanship bid.

The elders said that Odinga had acquired the stature of an international politician hence it does not auger well if he engages in constituency politics.

“We wish Mr Odinga well in his quest to become the next Chairperson of AU. We urge him to focus on continental campaigns instead of being dragged to village politics” Ikawa read.

The elders urged their MP Omondi to continue working with the government to promote development projects in the area.

“We call upon our MP to engage leaders across the political divide and explore new formations that will help us get development projects,” Ikawa read.

The elder’s Kaksingri Chairman Nelson Ounga said it is needless for Odinga to give Suba South residents direction of who to elect their next MP.

The elders called for peace to enable the implementation of development projects in the constituency.

They said the insults which prevailed during the ODM rallies were unwarranted.

Samuel Angugo, a member of the council, lamented that excessive politicking will deter the implementation of development projects in the area.

“We want peace to prevail in Suba South to enable us to get the development projects we deserve. Coming here to insult people does not help. Let Caroli Omondi be given time to serve the people,” Angugo said.

The elders hailed Omondi for his cooperation with the government which had seen implementation of various development projects.

The cited projects like the ongoing tarmacking of the 74km Sori-Magunga-Sindo- Mbita road worth Sh2.8 billion, rehabilitation of Sindo-Nyagwethe- Nyandiwa-Sori road at Sh115m and other roads.

“We also commend the government for the installation of public wifi at Magunga and Nyandiwa markets among other projects,” they said.

Courtesy; KNA

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