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Floods Disrupt 556 Households in Nyatike

Floods Disrupt 556 Households in Nyatike


Friday April 26, 2024

KNA by Geoffrey Makokha

Heavy rains have continued to cause widespread havoc in the Nyatike Sub-County, with more than 50 households already affected by the rising waters of Lake Victoria.

Migori County Red Cross Coordinator Kevin Ondiek said that there is an urgent need for humanitarian assistance to help the affected 556 residents in Konyango and Kabuto villages.

According to the Migori Red Cross Situational Report, there are eight households in Angugo evacuation centre, but integration is encouraged because the existing evacuation centres do not meet the minimum requirements.

Ondiek said that humanitarian organisations, government agencies, and local volunteers are working tirelessly to assist the affected population.

Already CARE Kenya is providing medical care and psychosocial support for trauma-affected individuals.

Senior Chief Phillip Orwa of the Lower Central Kadem Location acknowledged that multiple beaches in Nyatike, including Lwanda, Kawo, and Kimamra, have already been submerged, while rising water levels in Lake Victoria are damaging homes and infrastructure.

North Kadem ward, Lower Central Kadem location and West Kanyuor sub-locations, Gingo, Modi, Makongeni, Nyora, Angugo, Aneko and Kabuto villages have been affected by the floods.

Orwa expressed concern that continued rainfall could further impact the community, leading to possible delays in school re-openings.

Some of the affected schools include Emori, Angugo, Nyora, Modi and Kabuto primary and secondary schools.

His concerns were echoed by Brian Ochieng, a resident of Lawanda Konyango, who mentioned that the floods have devastated several areas, including schools, casting doubt on whether they can resume operations as planned.

Courtesy; KNA

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