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Governor Lee Kinyanjui Hints at Voting For Raila Come 2022

Governor Lee Kinyanjui Hints at Voting For Raila Come 2022

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has stated that he is considering voting for ODM Party leader Raila Odinga as Kenya’s next president in the 2022 general elections.

The Governor who had attended a burial in Nakuru accompanied by Odinga said that his decision was informed by the support the former premier offered President Uhuru Kenyatta during his second term in office.

‘Personally, I have voted five to six times .All those years, I have never voted for Raila ,but this coming year I see that changing,” said the Governor.

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“I sat down and realized that when we(referring to Jubilee)were in trouble you( Raila) are the only one who came to our rescue,” he added .

Governor Kinyanjui accused Deputy President William Ruto and lawmakers allied to him of abandoning President Kenyatta when he needed them most.

“The moment those we voted for decided to turn against Uhuru, you (Raila) came along and shook hands with the president to ensure that the government functions effectively,” Kinyanjui said.

Lee Kinyanjui’s sentiments come as political temperatures rise in the country, with all eyes on the Mt. Kenya region on which political vehicle they will use.

The Governor urged his supporters to back the former Prime minister as he seeks to succeed President Kenyatta as Head of State.

“Will we forget such a person?” he posed.

Odinga stated that he is determined to become president, urging the Mount Kenya region to back his bid, as he seeks to transform the country’s fortunes.

“I have come here to seek partners, not followers. We will work together as partners to ensure that we clinch power,” Raila stated.

The two had attended the burial of the businessman and Mololine founder, Kibira Muchai.

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