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Nakuru Doctor Who Allegedly Killed His 2 Children Dies in Hospital

Nakuru Doctor Who Allegedly Killed His 2 Children Dies in Hospital

Nakuru Doctor who was accused of killing his two children aged 3 and 5 and later attempting suicide has finally succumbed at the Nakuru Level 5 hospital according to the hospital’s staff .

Gakara was taken to the hospital unconscious having been found lying in his residential place in Milimani area of Nakuru together with dead bodies of his children.

Nakuru County Police Commander Beatrice Kiragui said that the investigations revealed that the doctor had injected the children with an unknown drug before attempting suicide behind the closed doors of his home.

She added thatr used syringes and an assortment of drugs were found in the crime scene.

The police also indicated that the bodies of the children had no physical injuries, building more suspicion around the case.

Nakuru Doctor  Did Not Kill Children & Attempt Suicide – Kin

Mary Gakara addresses the press at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital on Monday, September 21, 2021. |Photo| Courtesy|

The case of the Nakuru Doctor who was accused of killing his two children and attempted suicide in his Milimani Nakuru home had taken a new turn as the family denies murder claims from police.

Dylan Gakara 5 and Karuana Gakara 3 , Dr. James Gakara’s children, were found dead inside their apartment on Saturday night with their father unconscious who has since been receiving treatment at the Nakuru level 5 Hospital.

Mary Gakara, the doctor’s sister on Monday, September 20, 2021 expressed her discontent with how police had handled her brother’s case stating that the family is suspecting foul play.

She stated that the firsthand information the family received did not match with the police reports.

According to the Nation, Mary disclosed that she had faith that the brother loves his family and would not do such an act to them leave alone committ suicide .

“I know my brother very well .He would do anything to protect his children .He is also not the kind of person to commit such an act,” she said.

However, Dr. Gakara’s sister asked the police to tackle the issue more closely alleging that someone else might be responsible for the killing of her niece and nephew.

“Someone wants to frame him in the murder. We want the investigations expedited and everything should be done thoroughly, “she added.

Adding to her frustration, Ms. Gakara questioned why the police removed the bodies of the children quickly without the presence of any family member.

She also disputed police claims that the doctor had confessed to killing his children stating that the people present at the scene said that her brother was unconscious when he was picked up and taken to the Nakuru level 5 Hospital.

According to neighbors and friends, the doctor did not show any signs of stress or distress as he was always with his wife and children.

This incident which happened while the Doctor’s wife, a nurse , had travelled to Nairobi came as a shock to many. The bodies of the two minors are lying at the Nakuru City Morgue as police probe the incident to establish what exactly transpired.

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