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Governors resolve to Combat Cattle Rustling in Kerio Valley

Governors resolve to Combat Cattle Rustling in Kerio Valley


Wednesday, April 3, 2024

KNA by Rennish Okong’o

In a significant move towards addressing the longstanding issue of cattle rustling and insecurity plaguing the Kerio Valley region governors from the affected counties held talks to address the worrying trend.

Governor Wisley Rotich of Elgeyo Marakwet, Governor Simon Kachapin of West Pokot, and Governor Benjamin Cheboi of Baringo County met in Iten and resolved to implement cattle branding as a proactive measure to curb the menace.

“Branding of livestock is a crucial step in battling cattle rustling and enhancing security in our region,” declared Governor Rotich, echoing the sentiment shared by his counterparts.

The governors emphasized the importance of tracing stolen livestock, underlining that animals not branded would be denied livestock movement permits and treated as potential proceeds of cattle rustling.

Under the new initiative, livestock will be branded with specific codes assigned to each county, ensuring seamless identification and tracking. Governor Cheboi highlighted the significance of this joint effort, stating, “By registering unique brands for each county, we aim to enhance ownership verification and deter cattle theft.”

Highlighting the significance of this collaboration, Governor Cheboi stressed, “Livestock ownership has fueled conflicts among the Pokot, Tugen, and Marakwet communities, making it imperative to establish ownership and track stolen animals efficiently.”

Governor Rotich assured that the operation would be led by experienced livestock officers, with support from local chiefs for mobilization. Moreover, the governors emphasized the dual purpose of their efforts, as Governor Rotich remarked, “We are not only focusing on branding but also conducting vaccinations to address multiple challenges concurrently.”

While branding serves as a preventive measure, Governor Kachapin underscored the urgent need for disarmament to tackle the root cause of insecurity in the region. “Disarmament is the most effective solution to the Kerio Valley insecurity issue,” he asserted, calling upon the national government to take decisive action based on provided intelligence.

In a unified stance against criminal elements, the governors urged the Ministry of Interior and National Coordination, along with the Inspector General of Police, to apprehend and prosecute individuals involved in cattle rustling and related crimes.

Governor Rotich emphasized, “Regardless of one’s position or status, anyone perpetrating cattle rustling is a criminal and must face the consequences.”

They vowed to walk among communities, rallying support for peace initiatives while calling for concerted action against criminals disrupting the region’s tranquility.

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