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Kericho medic warns against alcohol abuse

Kericho medic warns against alcohol abuse


Tuesday April 2 2024,

KNA by Sarah Njagi

A Kericho medic warns against alcohol abuse to prevent challenges and early mortality, as the government combats illicit liquor and second-generation alcohol.

In an interview with KNA, a resident surgeon at AIC Litein Kericho Annex clinic Dr. Philip Blasto pointed that no level of alcohol consumption is safe for our health and intake over time can lead to the development of notable chronic diseases that such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, liver and pancreatic diseases, weakening of the immune system and learning and memory problems and even mental problems.

“Excessive alcohol consumption poses significant health risks, leading to significant medical and social effects, including impaired health, family and job functioning.” said Dr. Blasto.

Thus, the medic expressed concern that serious medical problems on the liver and pancreas are common among patients who abuse alcohol.

Excessive alcohol consumption damages the liver and pancreas, damaging the pancreas, which regulates blood sugar levels, appetite, and stimulates stomach acids, causing stomach emptying.

Dr. Blasto explains that diabetes, a chronic metabolic disease caused by a damaged pancreas, can lead to severe damage to various organs over time.

Dr. Blasto warns that excessive drinking can lead to liver cirrhosis, a condition where the liver cannot properly break down harmful substances in the blood.

The medic highlighted the significant health risks associated with illicit liquors, which may contain harmful concentrations of toxic ingredients.

Drinking fake alcohol, spiked with methanol, poses significant health risks and can lead to blindness or even death, as it increases the potency of ethanol.

The doctor noted that consumers of illicit brews often experience blindness due to the higher methanol content and potential use of formalin by unscrupulous manufacturers.

Hence, he advised that people should be careful of what they drink so that it does not affect their lives significantly.

Courtesy; KNA

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