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KMPDU to Ruto: Doctors salaries anchored in CBA are non-negotiable

KMPDU to Ruto: Doctors salaries anchored in CBA are non-negotiable

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Doctors have dismissed calls by President William Ruto to call off their ongoing strike.

The doctors have been on strike for over two weeks now. Their industrial action action is set to enter the third week.

On Sunday, President Ruto asked the medics to accept the government’s offer on payment for the medical interns.

He noted that the Ksh70,000 salaries was what the government can afford now. This is even as he reiterated on the need for the country to live within its means.

But in a quick response, KMPDU Secretary General Dr Davji Attelah insisted the government must implement the 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The CBA sighted when Ruto was deputy President set salaries for medical interns at Ksh206,000 per month.

Dr Attelah said is was wrong for the Head of State to bring in the wage bill issue at this point.

He insisted that just like any other employees, doctors and medical interns deserve fair pay.

“As Doctors, we refuse to be scapegoats for wage bill reduction. Our salaries, vital like any Kenyan’s, are based on fair agreements,” the KMPDU national SG said in a post on his X handle.

“Despite government pressure, doctors’ salaries, anchored on CBA, are non-negotiable,” he added.

The doctor’s union boss further insisted that they will not back down from their demands, signalling their willingness to continue being on strike.

Already, the government has asked medical interns to pick their deployment letters.

However, KMPDU advised them not to until the salary issue is addressed.

“We won’t compromise on fair compensation for our hard work. It’s unjust to target us for wage bill control while state officers enjoy hefty paychecks,” Atellah said.

“We stand united against exploitation,” he added.

Speaking at AIC Fellowship in Eldoret Town on Sunday, the President asked doctors to accept the government’s offer.

He said the wage bill was already high, and could be worsened should they heed to calls to employ medical interns on a huge salary.

“We want to have a conversation on the wage bill because it’s a fact that we must now live within our means. We must be honest with ourselves and the truth is that we must live within our means. We cannot borrow to pay salaries,” Ruto said.

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