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Machakos County to receive above normal rainfall

Machakos County to receive above normal rainfall


Wednesday, March 13, 2024

KNA by Roselyne Kavoo

Machakos will receive above normal rainfall in the anticipated March-May long rains, County Director of Meteorological Department Dominic Kyalo has said.

Kyalo said the rains are expected to start from 15-22nd of March and end between mid and end of May.

“There will be an early onset of the rains which continues from the rains experienced in February with occasional dry spells in between, “he said.

He noted that the distribution of the rains will range from fair to good in both time and space across the county.

Speaking to journalists at a Machakos hotel on Tuesday the county director of the meteorological department said the rains will peak in April.

“All the 40 wards in the county will receive 50mm of rainfall above the normal rainfall range. The rains are expected to peak in April and because of the early onset farmers are encouraged to take advantage of the rains and plant,” added Kyalo.

He highlighted Ndithini, Muthesya, Mbiuni, Mutituni, Kola, Matungulu East, Kyeleni, and Lower Kaewa as some of the areas that will receive high rainfall ranging from 400-500mm.

Kyalo also urged residents to take precautions against disasters that can be caused by heavy rainfall to avert loss of lives or property.

“Some areas might experience landslides and we encourage residents especially those living in hilly areas to be on the watch out, the rains are also accompanied by strong winds which can cause damage to buildings or even uproot trees and we ask residents to seek shelter in safe places,” noted the director.

Courtesy; KNA

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