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Ministry of Defense Announces Over 700 Job Vacancies: How to Apply

Ministry of Defense Announces Over 700 Job Vacancies: How to Apply

The ministry of Defense has Tuesday ,September,28 announced job opportunities for Young Kenyans.

In a statement released by the ministry on their social media platforms ,the ministry indicated that they are an equal opportunity employer seeking to provide employment opportunities for the youths in this country, targeting Kenyans graduating from Universities and Colleges.

“Applications are invited for the following posts in the Ministry of Defence,” read part of the statement ;

1. 15 positions for Artisan Plumber III.

2. 15 positions for  Artisan Spray Painter III.

 3. 15 positions for Artisan Panel Beater III.

4. 15 positions for Artisan Welder III.

5. 10 positions for Artisan Carpenter III.

6. 15 positions for Artisan Fitter General III.

7. 15 positions for Artisan Electrical III (Building).

8. 100 positions for Motor Vehicle Mechanic III.

9.  50 positions for  Motor Vehicle Electrician III.

10.6 positions for Safety Equipment Technician III.

11.5 positions for Aircraft Surface Technician III.

12.70 positions for Clerical Officer III.

13.10 positions for Waiter Assistant III.

14.50 positions for Cook III.

15.100 positions for Tailor III.

16.200 positions for Senior Staff/Sanitary Cleaner.

To apply, candidates must download and fill the PSC2 (REVISED 2016) online from the PSC’S website.

After completely and accurately filling the form, applicants will be required to submit it together with copies of the required certificates to the Ministry of Defense.

Alternatively, the applicants can physically hand in their application letter with the relevant documents and testimonials to Ulinzi House. In their letter of application, thy are required to address it to the Cabinet Secretary-Ministry of Defense ,PO Box 40668-0100 ,Nairobi.

The website is set to be open for applications until the October 18,2020. The ministry warns the public of fraudsters and bribery saying that such acts will lead to direct disqualification. “Applicants should not give money to anybody purporting to be in a position to help whatsoever,” the defense ministry warned .


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