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Nairobi County Assembly Speaker in trouble over forcefully greeting Muslim lady

Nairobi County Assembly Speaker in trouble over forcefully greeting Muslim lady

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

A section of Muslim lawyers have called on the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to initiate criminal investigations against Naiorbi County Assembly Speaker Ken Ng’ondi.

The lawyers have accused Ng’ondi of forcefully demanding a Muslim woman do shake her hands.

In a press statetemtn dated April 16, 2024, the barristers under the umbrella the Association of Muslim Lawyers termed the alledged act as sexual and physical assult.

“The Association of Muslim Lawyers vehemently condemns the despicable act by the Speaker of the Nairobi County Assmebly, forcefully demanding a Muslim woman to shake her hand which amount to sexual and physical assult,” read part of the statement.

The lawyers further said “such reprehensible behavior is criminal, unethical, immoral and not only violates her religion but also constitutes a grave violations of bodily autonomy and dignity.”

Following the incident, the Muslim lawyers have now called on the DCI to probe the County Assembly Speaker.

“We therefore urgently demand accountability and immediate commencement of criminal charges by DCI against Hon. Ken Ng’ondi for this grievous act of sexual harassment,” they said.

The Muslim lawyers were responding to a video in which the Nairobi County Assmebly speaker was seen asking a muslim woman to shake his hands.

Citizen Digital reports that the incident happened during a birthday party organized at the assembly buildings.

In the video that has been doing rounds on social media, Ng’ondi is seen moving around greeting all the staff that were present.

When she reached the Muslim woman, he can be heard saying “Leo unisalimie na birthday!” as he strechted his hand towards her insisting “Ni birthday yangu…”

Behind the woman, some men shout, “Salimia watu, salimia watu!”.

It is prohibited in Islam to touch people of the opposite sex (regardless of their faith), even for greetings, except family members.

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