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Parents urged to take their responsibilities seriously to curb social vices

Parents urged to take their responsibilities seriously to curb social vices


Saturday, March 16, 2024

KNA by Hussein Abdullahi

Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani has called on area residents to prioritize the upbringing of their children to curb social ills such as drug and substance abuse.

Governor Achani says the rate at which local youths and some adults were engaging in drug and substance abuse, criminal activities, and other social vices was deplorable.She has blamed poor parenting for the moral decadence threatening to destroy youths noting that many parents have relegated parenting responsibilities to house help and teachers.

The coastal county boss said parents need to take care of their children properly and be conscious of what is going on around them.She urged parents to address their children’s challenges and pay attention to their needs to enhance their holistic development.

Achani said the high rate of drugs and substance abuse in the coastal region was to blame for the rising cases of domestic violence.She has urged area residents to properly bring up their children as a measure to curb prevailing and pervasive social vices.

Governor Achani decried cases of defilement, child marriage, teenage pregnancies, and gender-based violence in the coastal county impacting negatively on society.

She said that it was imperative to guide the girl child from the early stages in life especially now that the moral fabrics of the society had been torn apart.

The Governor made the call when she graced the closing ceremonies of various madrassahs (Islamic religious schools for children) in Msambweni sub-county.

“Parents and guardians need to nurture their children into responsible people as they grow before they regret the consequences of their bad behavior,” she said.

She warned that quality religious and secular education will not be realized without inculcating moral and ethical values in students for them to grow into responsible citizens.

Achani emphasized the importance of Islamic religious education for children, highlighting that it serves as the foundation for moral and spiritual teachings.

She noted that parents failed to provide their children with the support and guidance needed for their proper upbringing and development and advised them to do better in raising morally-sound children.

“I want to encourage all the parents to fully support our teachers in these Islamic centres. The teachers play a vital role in imparting Islamic education, which serves as the foundation for moral and spiritual teachings for our children,” she said.

She also added that she will work closely with Islamic stakeholders across the county to boost Islamic religious education in Kwale.Achani commended the effort of the women for sparing time to acquire knowledge in Islam and urged more women to join Madrasas.

Governor Achani accompanied by the County Executive Committee Member for Social Services and Talent Management Francisca Kilonzo said lack of good parenting was to blame for the myriad problems facing the society today.

She also called on families to inculcate proper upbringing in their children to stem the tide of violence in parts of the county.

Achani regretted the emergence of juvenile criminal gangs in parts of Matuga and Msambweni sub-counties and called on the parents and guardians to inculcate a culture of good morals, honesty, and hard work in young people.

She urged residents to use the ongoing Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan to embrace the virtues of love, peace, and unity.

“As we mark this spiritually rewarding fasting season we should embrace love, togetherness, and spiritual devotion,” she said and urged parents to give their children spiritual education.

She also urged the parents to spend quality time with their children and create room for open communication to enhance child development.

Courtesy; KNA

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