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Narok set to roll out Alternative Justice System (AJS)

Narok set to roll out Alternative Justice System (AJS)


Saturday, March 16, 2024

KNA by Ann Salaton

Narok County is set to roll out the Alternative Justice System (AJS) after the Court Users Committee (CUC) and AJS stakeholders completed the development of an action plan to guide its implementation.

The stakeholders led by Narok High Court Presiding Judge Justice Francis Gikonyo toured Nakuru courts for a benchmarking exercise where they were equipped on how to champion the implementation of the AJS policy.

The two-day forum was sponsored by the Narok County Government and attended by various stakeholders among them representatives from various groups that included: interfaith, Maasai Council of Elders, and the County Commissioner’s office.

The judiciary, Office of the Public Prosecution (ODPP), police, Law Society of Kenya (LSK), children’s office, probation office, National Lands Commission (NLC), media, women and youth groups were also represented.

A representative from the National Steering Committee on Implementation of AJS Ms. Jemimah Aluda reminded the stakeholders that AJS is anchored in the constitution hence allowing for the diversion of cases from the court to AJS.

“The panelists are selected depending on the case, and the information given during the process is kept confidential. The system is good as it provides a win-win situation,” she said.Ms.

Aluda reiterated that each county has its model of implementing AJS as every region has unique beliefs, culture, and traditions that could influence decision-making.

However, she asked the stakeholders to take note of the cosmopolitan nature of Narok County and ensure they engage representatives from every ethnic group in a bid to have a fair representation of all justice seekers.

Justice Gikonyo asked the stakeholders to ensure AJS is successful in the county saying it is a perfect way of reducing backlogs of cases in the formal courts.

“I want you, the stakeholders, to go back home and do a good job of sensitizing the public on AJS. If you do good work, you will be helping your community and will receive a reward from God,” he said.

In case the parties under dispute do not agree, she said, the matter is referred to the formal court system.

Narok County Attorney Allan Meng’ati, who represented the county governor Patrick Ntutu said AJS is not in competition with the formal courts but both complement their duties to get justice for the seekers.

“The cases registered in court are soaring every day. The cases registered in 2010 have increased ten times today.”

The only way we can live in cohesion and integration as a community is by resolving our issues through AJS because we have a win-win situation” noted the county attorney.

Courtesy; KNA

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