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Police granted more time to investigate murder of two prison officers

Police granted more time to investigate murder of two prison officers


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

KNA by Ann Salaton

A Court sitting in Kilgoris, Trans Mara West Sub-county has granted the police 21 days to complete investigations on a case where two senior prison officers were murdered.

Senior Resident Magistrate, Cyprian Waswa, granted the police more time to carry out investigations after the Prosecution Counsel submitted an application requesting for addition time to probe the case.

The Five arrested are Emmanuel Lemashon, Edwin Taleng’o, Elizabeth Tiptip, Mark Ledama and Malvin Shonimeu.

However, the main suspect is still at large.The two prison officers were murdered on March 14 at Metinkuar village, Trans Mara West Sub-county in an alleged mission to settle a Sacco- related matter, with a retired colleague, Pius Lemiso Ndiwa, who is yet to be arrested.

The deceased identified as Inspector Patrick Mukunyi Kuya and Senior Sergent Daniel Nairimo, had left Nairobi on March 13 to settle a Sacco-related matter with Ndiwa, who allegedly defaulted on a loan and left the city to reside in the countryside.

Upon reaching Ndiwa’s homestead in Mentinkuar, the duo faced hostility from the Ndiwa’s family who screamed as he had allegedly told his family that the two strangers in their homestead were thugs.

With that information, Ndiwa’s two sons allegedly pounced on the two prison wardens, who were in civilian attire with arrows and machetes.

Courtesy; KNA

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