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Raila’s Message to Gideon After Endorsement as KANU Presidential Candidate

Raila’s Message to Gideon After Endorsement as KANU Presidential Candidate

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has been endorsed as the KANU Party presidential candidate ahead of the August 9, 2022 General Elections.

Gideon received the party’s blessing during a delegates meeting held at Bomas on Thursday, September 30, 2021. The event was attended by ODM Leader Raila Odinga, ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi, Wiper Kenya Leader Kalonzo Musyoka among other leaders.

Odinga, while addressing the delegates noted the democratic progress Kenya has achieved over the years since independence.

ODM Leader Raila Odinga attends a KANU delegates meeting at Bomas on September 30, 2021. |Courtesy| Twitter|

The former premier stated that the strength of the country’s democracy lies within the strength of the political parties, urging them to work together to propel the nation further.

“The strength of our democracy is the strength of our political parties. There must be tolerance among political parties, political competition is healthy in our country; it strengthens democracy and that is the best way to make our country grow and prosper,” Odinga stated.

The ODM leader described Gideon as a determined and visionary leader.

Odinga brought up late former President Daniel Arap Moi’s burial where Raymond Moi handed over Mzee’s iconic baton to Gideon. the former premier stated that the gesture was a sign of political maturity and seniority on the Baringo Senator’s part.

The ODM leader adviced Gideon to ignore talks of him being a dynasty, noting that just like any other Kenya, he has a right to contest for the presidency.

“…Moi alipata tu kwa sababu ya uwezo wake, hata Jaramogi, hata Kenyatta na hata Uhuru na Gideon na hata Raila. Kwahivyo Gideo simama imara tuko pamoja…” Odinga stated.

Mudavadi congratulated Gideon on the endorsement, stating that he is ready for them to work together for the betterment of the country.

“Congratulations my brother Moi Gideon and welcome to the family of endorsed presidential candidates. After this moment, you like the rest of us in OKA is an equal. At OKA we are a fully constituted Quadruplet team now. We can now do the 4×400 metres relay,” Mudavadi stated.

In his address, Gideon stated that his time had come and he is ready to serve the people of Kenya as head of state.

“The voice of the people is the voice of God and I’m obliged to heed your call to serve as it is the only patriotic thing to do. I take great pleasure in the tremendous lessons I have drawn from these experiences and if there is one thing I’m certain about is that it is possible to make this country great for you and for me,” he said.

The Baringo Senator expressed his optimism at KANU clinching the presidency in next year’s polls.

“We have had some low moments as a party yet in our 60-year history our commitment to and love for Kenya has never been in dispute and in those divided times KANU can truly claim to be a national party,” he stated.

“In the coming days and weeks we will unveil our roadmap to a different Kenya. We will demonstrate how we will do things radically different for the poor and marginalized, for the pastoralist,” he added.

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