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Two MPs Warned Against Using Military Titles

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has told Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa and his Sirisia counterpart John Waluke to refrain from using military titles they did not earn during their stints in service.

In separate letters to the two legislators, EACC asked them to cease and desist from using the titles, or face prosecution for impersonation under the Penal Code.

According to the anti-graft agency, Waluke has often been heard using the title of Major (rtd) while Barasa has been using the title Captain (rtd).

EACC noted that the titles are fake as the two lawmakers never earned them during their service with the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

“The commission received information that you have been using the title of Major (rtd) in your official transactions and otherwise, yet you have never acquired and/or attained such a title while serving (in the KDF),” the letter to Waluke read in part.

“It is, therefore, evident that you have never acquired the rank of Captain (rtd) and any such representation to the public and in official documents such as those filed at the Office of the Clerk of the National Assembly amounts to a breach of the integrity and ethical requirements laid out under Chapter Six of the Constitution and the Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012,” the letter to Barasa reads in part.

EACC copied both letters National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi, Clerk Michael Sialai and Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Robert Kibochi.

Barasa has since denied receiving a letter from EACC, while alleging that the agency’s intentions are malicious.

“They (EACC) were investigating pettiness. They have become petty. I have given instructions to my lawyers to claim damages on my behalf. They seem determined to harass me on pettiness. Let them focus on Covid-19 billionaires and other corrupt entities, not the pettiness of use of a title and my past military experience. They have become politicians drafting negative political narratives. I will meet them in a constitutional court soon,” the Kimilili MP told Nation.

Military records indicate that Waluke was at the rank of Senior Private when he left the military. It is the second lowest rank after private. He had joined the KDF on April 15, 1980 and left on May 21, 1994 after his request to be discharged was granted.

He was in the 76 Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion, which is based in Gilgil, as a tank loader and later as a driver at the defence headquarters. 

According to military records, Barasa spent 1 year and 76 days in the KDF, between October 28, 2007 to February 26,2009.

He was allegedly dismissed for gross misconduct, absenteeism, and for allegedly forging a senior officer’s signature to obtain a loan. At the time of dismissal, he was in the rank of private.

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