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Security Committee to oversee implementation of enhanced emergency response

Security Committee to oversee implementation of enhanced emergency response


Sunday, April 28, 2024

KNA by Fatma Said

In response to the unforeseen severity of the flooding, the National Security, Defence, and Foreign Relations committee has pledged to ensure that the government swiftly mobilizes additional emergency funds to mitigate the adverse effects and implement effective rescue operations.

Acknowledging the unexpected nature of the flooding, respective leaders are adjusting their strategies to address this evolving national disaster comprehensively.

Speaking during the standing committee on National Security, Defence, and Foreign Relations retreat, Senator Tom Ojienda, a member of the committee said that the government is actively engaging with relevant stakeholders to leverage expertise and resources in devising effective flood management strategies.

These efforts include a multi-agency approach, including having emergency response teams, enhancing coordination on the ground, and deploying resources to the affected regions promptly.

“I would like to highlight that the insufficient preparedness is because nobody could foresee this flooding severity that is causing a lot of damages and distractions in the country,” Ojienda said.

However, he went on to note that as a committee of National Security, they are going to put in all measures to ensure that the government prioritizes the enhancement of emergency response plans as they have records of more than 20 counties being greatly affected.

Ojienda said that as custodian of National Security, they shall oversee that counties effectively utilize the emergency funds that they are all equipped with for emergency issues like the ongoing floods to rescue the people and offer relief supplies.

“It is crucial that we plan strategically to utilize the flood water also for crucial purposes such as irrigation and provision of water during the drought periods in the country. Dams like Maisinga are breaching and this is an issue of the security of our people so it is important we find ways to effectively manage the floodwaters,” he said.

The Kisumu county Senator said that among other issues they discussed in the meeting included the protection of government buildings which he referred to as crucial installations, banditry, and the framework of law that deals with fire brigade within the country to ensure each county has an effective fire department.

Prof. Ojienda noted that the framework for the fight against banditry is very clear, the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Administration gazetted notice to declare certain areas to be bandit-prone and that the government is taking action.

“We have seen a lot of success and the CS must be lauded for the effort that he has made, he has done so much including the Shakahola investigations and exhumations because he has dealt with violations of human rights,” he said.

Courtesy; KNA

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