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Swift action to be taken to address insecurity around Riara cemetery, Kiambu

Swift action to be taken to address insecurity around Riara cemetery, Kiambu


Thursday, March 14, 2024

KNA by Ashley Ogolla

A joint Committee team consisting of the Officer Commanding Station (OCS) and Ndumberi Chief and other stakeholders has been established to address security concerns in Riara area in Ndumberi, Kiambu County.

This follows heightened concerns raised by residents of the area on matters security around Riara Cemetery and Riara Primary school.

Deputy County Commissioner Titus Macharia said Wednesday that together with other stakeholders, the newly formed committee was tasked with conducting regular patrols in the area to enhance security and ensure the safety of residents.

“We will start by clearing all the bushes around Riara Primary to create a safer environment for students and also the locals,” he told KNA.

Macharia said they were committed to improving security in the whole of Kiambu.

“The safety of our residents is a top priority. By establishing a joint team and clearing the vicinity of this area, we aim to create a secure environment for everyone in Riara,” he said.

He added that the collaboration with local authorities and community members is crucial in achieving good results adding that measures have also been taken to address the issue of idle young people who reside in most of abandoned buildings around the area.

“Action has already started to remove individuals hanging around these areas idling so that we enhance security and remove any potential threats,” Macharia said. Responding to the demand of access road to the cemetery by residents of Ndumberi, Director of Roads Eng. Joseph Kamau acknowledged there was an issue but stated that the County was looking into the matter.

The community in turn expressed gratitude for the swift response from the Deputy County Commissioner’s office on forming the Committee that would address security matters saying they looked forward to a secure and peaceful environment in Riara.

Courtesy; KNA

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