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There is No Deep State in Kenya – MP Wamalwa

There is No Deep State in Kenya – MP Wamalwa

Kiminini Member of Parliament Chris Wamalwa has rubbished the existence of the “deep state” or “system” in Kenya.

The lawmaker called out Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia for alluding to the existence of a “deep state” in Kenya which works to sway the results of elections in the country.

Wamalwa referenced to the case of 2002 where late former President Daniel Arap Moi fronted President Uhuru Kenyatta to succeed him as head of state but President Mwai Kibaki won the elections.

He reiterated that it is very wrong for leaders to appear on national television and propagate such allegations.

“When you talk about deep state, President Kenyatta is the head of state. If he was interested in anything, look at the recent by-elections in Juja and Kiambaa, what happened? His candidates flopped. If he would have used anything of the deep state in anyway, Jubilee would have won.

“So this issue of deep state is being exaggerated. Some of us we have won elections by landslide without deep state,” Wamalwa stated.

“So Governor Kimemia, for him to have been elected governor for Nyandarua, he should tell us what role did the deep state play?” He posed.

Wamalwa called on Kenyans to condemn such utterances and urged the media to refrain from publishing alarming headlines and give hope to members of the public.

He stated that if the country has proper processes and systems in place, the country will have free and fair elections. He told Kenyans to not be fooled by the story of the deep state.

“I don’t believe in the issue of the deep state. It is the mandate of the people,” he stated.

Wamalwa further noted that international interference in Kenya is insignificant. He urged Kenyans to play their mandate in electing their leaders of choice.

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