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Two members of Muranga County Assembly Public Service Board impeached

Two members of Muranga County Assembly Public Service Board impeached


Wednesday, April 3, 2024

KNA by Anita Omwenga

Members of the County Assembly (MCA)s of Murang’a have indicted two members from  county assembly public service board. 

The Assembly through a resolution revoked the appointment of MCA Simon Wamwea (Ngararia ward) and MCA Elizabeth Wambui (Kimorori/Wempa ward) from the board after serious concerns were raised pertaining to their competency to serve in the board.

The motion for removal of Wamwea and Wambui by impeachment was tabled by Muguru ward MCA Moses Muchiri after the MCAs accused the two members of acting out of personal interest and were deemed not fit to be part of the board.

Muchiri said the county assembly resolved to remove the two members from office pursuant to Section 12(3) (c) of the County Governments Act 2012 on the provisions, procedures and grounds which County Assembly Service Board members may be removed.  

“This Assembly through the resolution revokes the appointment of MCA Simon Wamwea and MCA Elizabeth Wambui from Murang’a County Assembly Service Board by way of impeachment” said Muchiri.

Muchiri said that the MCAs wanted the removal of the two members by way of impeachment on grounds of vote of no confidence and misrepresentation.  

“29 out of 47 elected MCAs have already appended their signatures of the removal of MCA Simon Wamwea and MCA Elizabeth Wambui from office,” he said.

Other grounds that warranted the two members removal from office were financial mismanagement and incompetence in their line of duty.

Nginda MCA John Mwangi Kamau seconded the motion of removal of Wamwea and Wambui by way of impeachment.

Kariara MCA Jeremiah Gichobe while supporting the motion decried the poor state of some of the facilities at the Assembly despite the House having been allocated Sh20 million in the last financial year for development purposes.

“The current state of ablutions that members and staff are using are in poor condition,” he said adding that these are some of the issues that the two members of the board were supposed to address because they have the responsibility of budget allocation.

Gichobe said that members deserve a better representation in the board to ensure that issues raised by the members and staff are well handled.

“If we have people of good interest and who are competent, I am sure that we can plan our budget in a way that we are going to empower members of the county assembly” he said, adding that being a board member requires one to be a strategic thinker.

Kagundu-ini MCA Samson Mukora While supporting the motion challenged those who will be elected to replace the members to take charge and do a better job in terms of communicating the needs of the members and staff to the board.  

Nominated MCA Pauline Muchiri supported the motion saying the two members being impeached had allegedly not represented the members in the board appropriately and they were incompetent. 

“The two members allegedly travelled out of the country without following due procedures and were involved in financial mismanagement” she said adding that they lack skills of being board members.

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