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“Unveiling Eric Omondi: Activism and the Ark of Change

“Unveiling Eric Omondi: Activism and the Ark of Change

By Jehoshaphat Kanyoro Njaro

From demonstrations outside parliament for 70% play KE to fighting for the common mwananchi over the prices of unga; what was previously seen as clout has evolved into something few foresaw: a man committed to beneficial change.

In the past few weeks, Kenya has faced widespread flooding across the country, even hitting residential areas not typically prone to such disasters. With the Kenya Meteorological Department forecasting increased heavy rainfall in various parts of the country, hope for better days is all people can cling to.

Amidst this chaos, one man stands out unexpectedly. Despite his influential status as a prominent figure, Eric Omondi has been on the ground helping the common mwananchi to the best of his means, a beacon of change and leadership.

From transporting a boat to flooded areas to help evacuate stranded Kenyans to actively participating in the construction of an ark akin to Noah’s biblical narrative.

“We have saved 34 people today from 8.30 am to 11 am and there are still hundreds stuck with children and disaster could strike anytime!!! Last night we saved a woman and three of her children in Ruiru’s OJ region. Our priorities are upside down!!! This government only cares for itself. Now they are discussing presidential time limits and appointments of CAs while people are dying. SISI KWA SISI will stand in the gap.”

Eric Omondi has never shied away from calling out those in power, and his critique of the government resonates with many Kenyans who feel abandoned.

They argue that it’s been up to them to help themselves without government intervention. But perhaps this is the critical juncture where change begins?

Criticism surrounds Eric Omondi’s ark, with doubts about its reach and impact across the country. Yet, the focus might not be on the ark itself but the symbolism it carries — a call to move from mere visual understanding to critical thinking and action.

The man behind the #SISIKWASISI slogan may be urging us to take charge of our own safety before relying on external aid.The #SISIKWASISI slogan rejects the passive mentality of waiting for help and demands self-action.

Who are you? What can you do? What resources do you possess, and how can they be mobilized for change? Eric Omondi embodies the change he envisions, starting from within,calling peole to action and taking action.He has transitioned from a figure of laughter to an advocate, highlighting the need for collective unity and proactive citizenship.

In these trying times of widespread floods affecting all strata of society, it’s imperative to take responsibility where we can, as the impact affects us all, thus better to help one another for the common good instead of waiting around for help somewhere or change that might be far fetched.

This message extends beyond natural disasters to daily societal challenges. Eric Omondi’s call for #SISIKWASISI and #changeonelifeatatime underscores the urgency for personal leadership and communal action. It’s time to step up, and in doing so, we’ll steer our nation toward the desired destination.”

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