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US Embassy issues security alert on its citizens for Nairobi estates

US Embassy issues security alert on its citizens for Nairobi estates

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

The United States Embassy in Kenya has issued a security alert to its citizens within Nairobi City.

In the alert posted on its official website on Friday, March 15, 2024, the embassy said it was based on the surge of crime within the country’s capital.

“Security Alert: Increased Crime in Residential Areas of Nairobi,” read part of the alert.

The embassy singled out snatching of phones and purses as the two main crimes within the city estates that its citizens should be on the lookout for.

But even as it issued the security alert over the issue, it said the Kenyan government was already working to address the issue.

“There are reports of increased criminal activity in residential areas of Nairobi.  Incidents include crimes of opportunity such as purse and phone snatching,” the embassy said.

It added that “The government of Kenya is taking measures to place more police in high crime areas.”

Meanwhile, it has asked its nationals within Nairobi or planning to visit Kenya’s capital to take several precautionary measures.

They include keeping a low profile, avoiding displaying signs of wealth and keeping doors locked as well as windows down when in traffic.

“Do not display signs of wealth, such as wearing expensive jewellery or watches, or flashing large sums of money; keep valuables, such as phones, concealed,” read part of the advice the US embassy gave to its citizens in Kenya.

“Do not physically resist any robbery attempt and remain calm. Confrontation with these individuals often leads to violence,” it added.

Security Alerts are automatic notifications sent to help an individual stay aware of changes and to stop potential fraud.

The US embassy usually issues the alert on terror-related issues in the country.

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