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West Kano Irrigation Scheme Elects New Officials

West Kano Irrigation Scheme Elects New Officials


Wednesday, March 27, 2024

KNA by Milton Onyango

Farmers at the West Kano irrigation scheme have elected new officials in a move expected to bring to an end the bad blood between the officials and the farmers.

The farmers have been bitterly complaining of excessive water rationing to their farms that occasioned their crops to wither in the fields.

“The bylaws protecting the scheme authorizes the board to heed the farmers wishes if they want a new leadership hence this is what has given birth to a new board at Siso irrigation scheme” said Maurice Ochuka, the new chairman.

The members expressed optimism that the new board will be responsive to the wishes of the farmers and boost development to the farmers.

Ochuka pledged to work in collaboration with both the county government of Kisumu and the department of agriculture towards ensuring that farmers pleas are headed to and their plight uplifted.

“All the way through, the past leadership has failed to work together with the National Irrigation Authority, the county government and other stakeholders that rice Farming is dear to their heart,” noted Ochuka.

Ochuka assured the farmers that no one will mess with their monies because all the funds that come from the farmers will directly be channelled to their budgeted expenditures.

The farmers too pledged to work closely with the new office in scaling rice production at West Jano irrigation scheme that covers Kakola,Kobura and Kabonyo.

Joshua Okwaro from Bur Pong thanked the schemes new manager for saving their rice crops from wilting by commissioning excavators to open the irrigation channels that has now given us hopes of a bumpy harvest.

Courtesy; KNA

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