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West Pokot Governor leads in bidding farewell to long serving CC Okello

West Pokot Governor leads in bidding farewell to long serving CC Okello


Saturday, March 30, 2024

KNA by Anthony Melly / Erickson Kiprotich

West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin has commended the outgoing region’s County Commissioner for his unwavering dedication and hard work in serving the people of west Pokot

for seven years as county commissioner and two years as Deputy County Commissioner.

During a gathering convened by West Pokot Governor and other government officials to bid farewell to county commissioner Apollo Okello at Mtelo hall in Kapenguria town, the governor praised the outgoing County Commissioner saying that he diligently served the county for seven years before being transferred to another station.

The governor lauded the outgoing County Commissioner for his exemplary service during his tenure and wished him success in his future endeavour.

Governor Kachapin also acknowledged the unpredictability of life, mentioning that the outgoing Commissioner might potentially return to the county in different capacities after retiring from service.

He warmly welcomed the new County Commissioner, Abdullai khalif, and pledged his full commitment and support to collaborate closely with him in addressing critical issues such as insecurity and promoting overall development in the county.

Deputy County Commissioner Jeremiah Tumo of Pokot Central sub county, in his remarks, praised the outgoing county commissioner as a good listener who provides guidance to all government officials. He said they consider themselves fortunate to have had outgoing CC presence in such a volatile region.

“County Commissioner Okello’s efforts have brought about a sense of peace and tranquility in the region.

He said CC Okello dedicated himself tirelessly to the task of recovering forearms, and he recalled that in 2022 with support of security officers, he successfully recovered approximately 140 illegal weapons from bandits.

DCC Tumo expressed surprise that while illegal firearms are currently being disarmed from the wrong hands, the achievements of the outgoing commissioner Okello within six months have not been matched.

The administrator is of the opinion that if Okello had been allowed to continue serving in the region, many more guns would have been recovered.

He explained that outgoing CC leadership played a crucial role in proposing the establishment of additional security units in the region, resulting in a notable improvement in the security situation.

The commissioner notes that the outgoing CC possessed the ability to guide administrators in their tasks.

‘‘He approaches tasks deliberately, rather than hastily. The chiefs can attest to how he has guided them, even when faced with challenges. Despites some chiefs struggling with alcohol abuse, Okello chose to support and counsel them instead of dismissing them of their duties. It is evident that many have benefitted from the counselling services provided by our county commissioner, leading to positive transformations,’’ he said.

Head of Kapenguria Law Court station Magistrate, Bernard Ochieng, emphasizes the effective collaboration between the judiciary and the out-going County Commissioner, Okello, particularly in supporting the Court Users Committee (CUC).

He commended Okello for being a strong advocate for inter-departmental relationships, which led to the establishment of mobile court services at Sigor location in Pokot Central Sub County.

Former Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Sam Ojwang, who is currently serving as the Trans Nzoia County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Water, Natural Resources and Climate Change conveyed his appreciation to the governor for organizing an event to bid farewell to the outgoing county commissioner.

‘‘Occasions like this are quite rare, Your Excellency. Individuals like Okello, who possess true goodness, are the ones who truly deserve such recognition,’’ he said.

West Pokot current County Commissioner Abdullai Khalif, expressed his satisfaction in assuming the responsibility from his predecessor, noting that he acquired a wealth of skills and knowledge, including managerial expertise, from him during their time together in 2016 when he served as the West Pokot Sub County Deputy County Commissioner.

 Khalif mentioned that he is aware of the trust his former boss has in him to effectively carry out duties.

He further mentioned that Okello possesses exceptional integrity, displays great courage in decision-making, and shows compassion.

Additionally, he highlighted Okello’s respectfulness and resilience, noting that he has gained valuable lessons from him.

He also expressed gratitude towards Okello for gracefully handing over his duties and responsibilities without any resistance, allowing for a smooth transition in office.

Khalif announced that the honeymoon period was over and he has been tasked by the government to ensure efficient and effective service delivery to the people of West Pokot.

‘‘The Cabinet Secretary (CS) informed me that due to my past experience, I have been assigned to ensure peace and security in West Pokot,’’ he stated.

He emphasized that the negative perception of West Pokot and Pokot community as bandits involved in cattle rustling and theft of stock must change.

Upon his arrival in West Pokot,  Khalif said one of his first tasks was to rescue a kidnapped Pokot girl in Turkana, which was successfully accomplished through collaboration with a security team.

Regarding illegal firearms, Khalif mentioned that the government has initiated a disarmament program in the North Rift region, including areas like Baringo, West Pokot, Turkana, Elgeyo Marakwet, and Samburu, ensuring a fair process that does not harm innocent people.

In his part, the outgoing CC Okello urged the incoming county commissioner to continue the work he started, expressing confidence in his ability to handle any challenges that may arise, given his past experience in the region as Deputy County Commissioner.

He expressed his gratitude to the governor and the event organizers for the farewell party, mentioning that he had not expected a red-carpet reception with a large turnout of people.

He urged the governor to complete all ongoing projects in the county before leaving office, emphasizing the importance of utilizing public funds effectively for the benefit of the residents of West Pokot.

The outgoing county commissioner had officially handed over office in February of this year after he was reassigned to a new role as the Deputy regional Commissioner for Western Region.

The County Executive Committee Member (CECM), heads of various county and national government departments, representatives from faith-based organizations, officials from NGOs, and residents of West Pokot were also in attendance at the farewell ceremony, along with other  officials.

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