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Youths and women groups in Ainamoi, Kericho County benefit from Uwezo Fund

Youths and women groups in Ainamoi, Kericho County benefit from Uwezo Fund


Tuesday April 30, 2024

KNA by Sarah Njagi

The National government Uwezo Fund has disbursed over Sh3 million to Ainamoi sub-county youth and women groups to spur entrepreneurship and economic growth in the current financial year.

The 31 groups drawn from different locations within the area received cheques of varying amounts ranging between Sh80,000 to Sh200,000.

Speaking after the presentation ceremony at Kipchimchim social hall on Monday, Ainamoi Member of Parliament Benjamin Langat said the total monies disbursed was Sh3,680,000 adding that ten groups that repaid back their loaned fund monies benefitted from Sh200,000 each while starter groups received Sh80,000.

Langat urged special groups to apply for the fund monies which is intended to enable them to put up sustainable income generating projects that will empower them economically thus improving their living standards.

He decried the slow pace of repayment for the Uwezo Fund acknowledging that it is a challenge recovering the fund from the groups and called upon the local administration to work closely with the sub-county fund officers to have the funds repaid.

“We have several challenges especially during the repayment period where several groups do not return back the monies given and this reduces the number of new beneficiaries. To curb this challenge, I call upon the chiefs and their assistants in this area to work closely with the Fund officers to ensure the money has been returned.” said Mr Langat.

Beneficiaries lauded the fund saying it is significant to women and youth in business as it has helped them grow their enterprises.

They noted that repaying their loans on time has been more beneficial as the kitty amount has increased, further observing that the repayment is friendly due to low interest.

In an interview with KNA, chairlady Mary Mitei of Chamgaa Widows from Kapsaos ward said the group was founded in 2018 with 20 members and had received Sh 200,000 from Uwezo Fund after repaying their first loan of Sh100,000 in 2020 and committed repaying it within the next two years.

“I am happy that our group has received Sh200,000 and we are committed to repaying it quickly as we did with our first loan of Sh100,000. Our 12 members are engaged in table banking, dairy farming, sorghum value addition and merry go round activities,” said Mitei.

Courtesy; KNA

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