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Authorities in Laikipia launch a crackdown on bars flouting operating time

Authorities in Laikipia launch a crackdown on bars flouting operating time


Tuesday, March 19, 2024

KNA by Muturi Mwangi

Authorities in Laikipia County have launched a crackdown on bars flouting operating rules in bid to tame the abuse of alcohol and narcotics.

Laikipia County Commissioner Onesmus Kyatha speaking to the press on Tuesday in Nanyuki said that they had put measures in place with the county government on how to control operating time by bar owners.

“Bar owners operating in licensed premises, we are keenly investigating to see if they are operating within time as directed by the laws, popularly known as Mututho law,” said Kyatha.Kyatha told bar owners that they should open their premises between 5pm to 11pm on weekdays and on weekends between 2pm to 11 pm.

“This rule will be adhered to; we can’t be waking up every morning and bars are open, people are drunk. We will not condone that, it is the government directive that will be followed without bias,’’ warned the County Commissioner.

He cautioned those flouting the rules that action shall be taken against them and at the same time warned those operating bars disguised as restaurants that they were required to apply for hotel licenses.

Meanwhile, crackdowns on unlicensed liquor stores and bars selling illicit alcohol and drugs have been intensified, with about 108 bars closed down in the county.

Courtesy; KNA

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