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Christina Shusho responds to Kenyans’ reaction to her upcoming song ‘Zakayo’

Christina Shusho responds to Kenyans’ reaction to her upcoming song ‘Zakayo’

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Tanzanian songbird Christina Shusho has subtly responded to Kenyans who were left talking after she announced her upcoming song.

Shusho, whose songs have enjoyed widespread airplay in Kenya on Monday said she was set to release a new song titled ‘Zakayo’. 

“Zakayo the Song coming soon,” she posted on April 22, 2024.

The choice of the song’s title sparked a debate amongst Kenyans, most of whom related it to the various taxes the Kenya Kwanza regime imposed on them.

Kenyans had already nicknamed President William Ruto ‘Zakayo’ because of his tax policies.

But to distance her song from the tax debate amongst Kenyans, the ‘Shusha Nyavu’ hitmaker said “I love my neighbours Kenya.”

“We are good neighbours. Even our Wildbeasts are family…,” the singer said in a post on her verified X handle.

She was responding to an article published by BBC that highlighted how her upcoming ‘Zakayo’ song had elected a huge debate amongst Kenyans.

Zacchaeus (translated to Zakayo in Swahili) is a very important character in the Bible because he is a concrete example of a sinful man who was changed by Jesus Christ’s compassion for sinners. 

Luke 19 describes Zacchaeus as a tax collector in the City of Jericho. He was known as a corrupt tax collector who collected more than he should have collected.

A wave of reaction followed the Tanzanian singer’s post for the new song.

Here are some of the reactions:

Kotit Evis: Ahaaaa. This is an instant hit. Zakayo and his chronicles are about to go global. We need an English version of this name.

Mwaura Wambiru Trend Jacking! Shusho about to make millions from Kenyans for the remaining part of the year! Genius Entrepreneur!

Linda Oguttu: Wacha tu nicheke because Kenyans will have a ball with this one 

Gabriel Oguda: Baaas. Sasa ni wewe ndio utatupeleka Canaan. Run it.

Meanwhile, the singer said she has a new music video out to keep her followers entertained as they await the ‘Zakayo’ song that she teased. 

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