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Mutahi Ngunyi sides with Ichungwa on calls to purchase new presidential plane

Mutahi Ngunyi sides with Ichungwa on calls to purchase new presidential plane

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has waded into the ongoing debate over the stage of military and police planes in the country.

The debate was recently renewed following a KDF helicopter crash that killed the Chief of Defense Forces General Francis Ogolla and 9 other military personnel.

There has been claims that the US-made helicopter involved in the accident was too old, and that was the reason it crashed.

However, the military has already set up a team to probe the tragic incident.

But even as the probe continues, with for a judicial inquiry, Mutahi Ngunyi argues that it was time for the aircrafts for key government officials, including the official president’s plane.

Ngunyi was responding to similar call from the leader of the majority in the national assembly Kimani Ichungwa.

But he also questioned why the military allowed its boss to use a helicopter manufactured six decades ago.

“My FREN Kimani Ichungwa is RIGHT. The Presidential JET is 40 years OLD. If KDF does NOT replace this DINOSAUR, the President could be ‘Ogollad’ through an accident. How did KDF allow CDF to fly a 60 year-old TOY that was faulty? This was Lazy. KDF must MAN UP!” the analyst posted on Tuesday night.

Earlier in the day, Ichungwa noted that the current president’s jet and several other military and police helicopters were too old.

He told MPs that it was time they factored in modernisation of the security equipment in the country.

“At times the military does come before the house looking for resources to modernise equipment, and I have many members during the budget-making process criticise without knowledge,” Ichungwa said.

The current official plane that carries the Head of State was procured during the late President Daniel Moi’s era.

It arrived at the Moi Airbase, Eastleigh in 1995. But over time, the plane has undergone several modifications to enhance its capabilities and range.

The plane currently has a capacity to carry 26 passengers.

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