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Concerns over vetting before issuance of identity cards

Concerns over vetting before issuance of identity cards


Friday April 12, 2024

KNA By Peter Gitonga

A section of the Muslim community in Turkana County has raised concerns over alleged discrimination in the issuance of identity cards.

Led by special elect MCA Sarah Muna, the leaders said some of the requirements imposed during the vetting exercise were inconsiderate and impractical.

Muna cited instances where separated or divorced mothers had been asked to come with the father of their children or their particulars saying it was a tall order.

‘It is unfair for a mother to be asked to produce documents of the father of their children yet they were separated. It is only practical to ask such a mother to come with her parents particulars which can help identify her and her children,’ she said.She was speaking during the idul fitr celebrations in Lodwar.

Similar concerns were expressed when the president met Muslim leaders at state house on Monday evening and the present promised to relook at the vetting exercise.

The Muslim community lauded Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai for considering the Muslim minorities in employment opportunities.

She appealed to the government to fence areas marked for Muslim cemetery to prevent encroachment on the land.

She also appealed to the county government to drill boreholes in the mosques citing high demand for water in the places of worship.

Chief Officer of Public Works Khadra Abdi thanked Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai for appointing her as chief officer.

She said it was the first time that county government has appointed a Muslim woman to be a chief officer. She challenged Muslims who win tenders to deliver.

‘I urge members of the Muslim community who have been awarded contracts not to let down the governor. Make sure you deliver as stipulated in the contracts,’ she said.

A mayor from neighbourng Moroto, Uganda Mohammed Ismail also attended the celebrations.

He commended Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai for his leadership of uniting the communities from both countries.

He said Ugandan government would always welcome the Turkana community to Uganda as they migrate in search of water and pasture during drought seasons.

He appealed to the Turkana county government to emulate the construction of modern markets like in Uganda for the benefit of her traders.

Supkem county chairman Yussuf Aremon also hailed governor Lomorukai for nominating Muna as a representative of the minorities in the county assembly saying she had helped address issues facing the minorities.

Special elect MCA from Napeitom, Ejore Turkana east called on the community to take girls to school to improve their quality of life.

She urged Muslim and Christians to coexist peacefully for the development of the county.

Courtesy; KNA

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