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Drop in fuel prices ploy by please general masses – Ekuru Aukot

Drop in fuel prices ploy by please general masses – Ekuru Aukot

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Kenyans have been cautioned not to celebrate the recent drop in fuel prices.

The Energy and Petroleum Authority (EPRA) on Sunday announced a drop in the fuel prices by the biggest margin this year.Diesel and Kerosine prices dropped by Ksh10 and Ksh18.68 respectively while the price of petrol dropped by Ksh5.

While the latest drop will come as a relief to many, Thirdway Alliance party leader Dr Ekuru Aukot warns that there is more than meet the eye.

In a post on his X handle, Dr Aukot claimed the drop in fuel prices was a wider scheme meant to fit into the government’s game plan.

Without providing details and evidence, the former Presidential candidate further claimed part of the ploy it to take over control of economic system and appease the borrowing appetite.

He linked the drop in fuel prices to the recently strengthening of the Kenya shilling against the US dollar which he termed artificial.

“As a Kenyan, I welcome the drop down on fuel prices. However, a little bird tells me that it could be a deliberate ploy to please the general masses for a well-calculated takeover and control of our economic system and to wet the appetite for borrowing and huge loans from the globalists,” Dr Aukot said.

“This is a similar ploy with the artificial gaining of the KES against the dollar. Time will tell,” he added.

President William Ruto attributed the drop in fuel prices and appreciation of the Kenyan shilling to policies his administration has put in place.

He noted that more good things are yet to come, economically.

The Kenya shillings has gained against the US dollar from trading at over Ksh160 to the current under Ksh130.

Economists links the situation to the government securing over Ksh300 billion Eurobond that will mature in 2032.

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