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Gideon Moi Reaffirms 2022 Presidential Bid

Gideon Moi Reaffirms 2022 Presidential Bid

Baringo Senator and KANU party leader Gideon Moi has declared his 2022 presidential bid.

Speaking after attending a service in his home town Sacho, Moi expressed his undeterred ambition and optimism that he will beat his opponents if his community would support him.

He added that his party will make a final announcement on September 30, 2021, where they plan to reveal their plans of how to secure the preside

“I have already made an ultimate decision and I am not backing down, however tough the duel is. I am only asking my community to support me in this  journey and not backstab me. If I lose, I will have lost humbly than being despised and if I win, it will play to our advantage as well and I am very optimistic that we will trounce our opponents to clinch the presidency,” he said.

File image of One Kenya Alliance (OKA) Leaders. |Photo| Courtesy|
File image of One Kenya Alliance (OKA) Leaders. |Photo| Courtesy|

The Baringo Senator promised to transform the entire country ,especially areas that are lagging behind development wise if elected as the president.

“I promise that I will come back home after the Bomas of Kenya declaration next week to seek your blessings because we need to speak in one voice if my political ambition is to come into fruition,” he said.

His declaration comes days after his One Kenya Alliance (OKA) co-principal and Wiper Kenya Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka on September 22, told members of the public that OKA will unveil its flagbearer in October in preparation for the August 9, 2022, general elections.

The former vice president had toured Nakuru County to popularise his presidential ambitions when he made the announcement.

“OKA is a solid and sacred coalition. We are in agreement to take important measures to ensure there is clarity on the leadership of OKA and possible grand coalition,” he said.

The former vice president welcomed other leaders and like-minded Kenyans to join OKA.

“We want more people with whom we can build national consensus. Nobody should shy from joining us including Raila and the president in defining the country’s next government,” Kalonzo stated.

He noted that Kenyans should strive to elect a leader with integrity, adding that corruption had crippled the country, robbing it of its resources.

“It can’t be that I steal from Kenyans today and confidently face them tomorrow with the same cash promising to uplift their livelihoods,” Kalonzo stated.

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