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Governor condemns attack at Omtatah’s home

Governor condemns attack at Omtatah’s home


Friday, April 5, 2024

KNA by Salome Alwanda

Busia Governor Paul Otuoma has condemned Wednesday morning incident where Senator Okiya Omtatah’s home at Kwangamor in Teso South Sub County was raided by unknown people .

Speaking to the press at his home in Matayos on Thursday evening, Otuoma urged security personnel to investigate the motive behind the incident and ensure that perpetrators are brought to book.

“We condemn such barbaric acts that want to harm the life of our senator,” he said.

He added that the County government was working within the law especially as required by the senate.

“The senate is the institution that protects and oversights the devolved units and there is no audit query that has been raised by the senate and we have failed to comply,” he said.

The governor at the same time said that he has appeared before the senate committee on trade to give his views.Otuoma at the same time stated that Omtatah has a right to take any matter to court alongside his oversight role.

“It is not the first time Omtatah is taking a case to court,” he said, adding that the County government will wait for the court’s verdict.

He challenged the locals to refrain from rumours and speculations but allow security personnel to carry out investigations.

Heavily armed people are alleged to have raided Omtatah’s rural home demanding to know his whereabouts on Wednesday but the senator was not at home at the time.

Courtesy; KNA

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