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Kenya Red Cross rescues all 51 passagers on Board flood-swept Umma bus

Kenya Red Cross rescues all 51 passagers on Board flood-swept Umma bus

Tana River County
Tuesday, 9 April, 2024
McCreadie Andias

After hours of meticulous search and rescue operations, The Kenya Red Cross has successfully rescued all the 51 passengers of the Umma Express bus that was swept away by floods along the Garissa – Mwingi Highway.

In a statement, the Humanitarian organization says it gave much priority to women, children and the sick.

“All passengers aboard the bus that was marooned by floodwaters at Arer near Tulla Bridge in Tana River County, have now been rescued, with priority initially given to women, children, and those who were sick.” Kenya Red Cross said.

The organization said that the operation is still ongoing to secure more casualties who are still stranded due to the destruction of the road.

” However, our efforts are ongoing as we continue to rescue other commuters who were stranded due to the road being cut off at Arer near Tulla Bridge, Tana River County.” Red Cross addressed.

The Umma Express bus with 51 passagers on Board was swept away by floods at Lager Areli, Tana River County on its way to Nairobi from Garissa.

The incident occurred following heavy downpour.

Kenya Red Cross as first respondents collaborated with community members are currently engaged in a challenging rescue operation to save the lives of the passagers as it dispatched two rescue boats to ensure swift and effective response.

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