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Shatta Bway quits Radio Citizen

Shatta Bway quits Radio Citizen

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Radio Citizen mid-morning show host Shatta Bway has quit his role.

Bway who has been hosting the Ragae show on the Royal Media Services radio station ‘Waks Tiki Taka’  for the last five years announced his exit on Monday, March 18, 2024.

He also released a video detailing the reason behind his surprising decision.

According to the Radio host, the decision was based on the need to have more time with his children.

Shatta Bway, whose official name is Jacob Maunda lost his wife in 2023 and has been performing the roles of both parents to his children.

“Radio guys I know you want to know why I have left Radio when I’m at my peak, or approaching the peak,” he said in part of the video.

“It is because of the promise I made to my wife during the burial” he added.

Shatta shared a clip of the video where he spoke during his wife’s burial. In the video, he can be seen assuring of his commitment to be the best father to the children.

His elder child is a boy aged 13.

“I’ll be the best dad ever, you told me to take care of the children and I’ll do it. I’ll protect them the best way possible,” Shatta Bway says in part of the video.

Explaining the decision that has left many surprised, the radio host, son to former KBC veteran broadcaster Kenneth Maunda said he had to adjust to the new realities in his life.

“Like currently I have a teenager and I know this is the time I need to be closer to him because he is developing a character that will shape his future,” Shatta Bway said.

“I feel I need time to be with my kids and I know that won’t be possible with a job that requires my presence almost daily,” he added.

On what is next for him, he said he has set his sights on production and doing consultancy work.

He noted that some of his works will also feature his children.

“I’ll be doing strategy and consultancy and I believe I’ll touch lives,” he said.

Shatta Bway is also a voice-over recording artist.

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